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What Can the Student Expect??

The future of the Craft lies with its students.

We believe that Honor, Respect, Love and Personal Discipline are keys to the Old Religion. The members of each group are required to treat each other and the world around them using those guidelines. We, as teachers, were once students as well and understand the journey is one that requires time, energy and patience with not only ourselves, but with the world around us. Love is the Law, Love under Will.

We believe that each student and initiate are unique and require different tools, tasks and emphasis for their own development. The leaders of each group strive to teach each individual based upon who they are and in alignment with the Ravenwood Tradition. The core classes are designed to provide the tools for personal expression and growth within craft. The leaders of each group are directly involved in the growth of their students by supporting their needs and providing direction.

We receive many questions about the ‘cost’ of classes and attendance. We do not directly charge for classes or rituals, however, to support the church we do need monetary donations. We believe that any interaction is an energy exchange. Participants of each group are expected to contribute either time, money, or supplies as needed by the High Priestess and/or High Priest. Our Priestesses and Priests do not accept money for personal financial support. Teaching is a gift. Money has an energy of its own. We believe the energy of accepting money for the benefit of the group leader directly is not conducive to spiritual growth.

Each group provides a set of classes at the non-initiate level. These classes are the core Ravenwood Tradition teachings that come from Lady Sintana’s initial classes. The set of classes generally last at least a year and a day. The core classes include the listed subjects with the understanding that each Coven may teach a few more additional topics.

Craft law
Symbolism and Myth
Metaphysical Theory
Magical Theory
Pagan Ritual

There are many classes on miscellaneous subjects that have been taught over the years at Ravenwood that are optionally offered by the High Priestess/High Priest of each Coven.

Rituals are not open to the general public. We do not generally provide these services to non-members and the public because minimal training is required to keep the event conducive to its purpose. Many rituals also require a standing relationship between the participants and the High Priestess and/or High Priest.

Celebration of the Eight Sabbats – generally marking the season
Full Moon Celebrations – generally working circles
Optional working rituals on different phases of the Moon
Handfastings/ Handpartings
Death Rites
Funeral Services

The Ravenwood Tradition is a three degree initiatory system where each level of initiation specifies further responsibility within either the coven and/or the craft with the student as the central focus. Initiation is not required, and not guaranteed. As in the old way of Craft, all initiations are witnessed by Craft Elders.

For further information on becoming a student, please contact one of the individual groups listed on the Contacts page. Each group has a different calendar of events that allow new folks to meet us.