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Ravenwood Church and Seminary of the Old Religion

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Ravenwood was established in the 1970s by Lady Sintana as one of the first non-profit 501c(3) Wiccan churches in the United States. Its mission and goal was open public education. Thousands of seekers have passed through its doors on the way to enlightenment and consciousness. The initiates of Ravenwood are known to be some of the best-trained witches in the country. We emphasize the discipline of self that is required to learn. We believe that learning is based upon the person and where they are in their personal spiritual evolution. We stress Honor, Dignity and Respect for others and the self. We provide a safe place of worship for adults.

The main core values that we follow are the following: Balance, Harmony, Learning, Reincarnation, Trust, Humility and Tolerance.

Classes at Ravenwood are taught by Tradition Craft Elders who have been trained to teach the old ways and have a full knowledge of the subject matter to be taught. The student can expect a knowledgeable, experienced teacher who is willing to guide them on their path.

Students at Ravenwood are required to attend classes and to apply the teachings in those classes to their lives. We encourage student attendance and participation in Full Moon and Sabbat rituals held at the covenstead. There is a path to initiation, but initiation is not required nor guaranteed.

For those seekers that are searching for a spiritual home, we hope that you find a proper resonance amongst the many Wiccan groups that you are exposed to. Although Ravenwood’s methods and goals are not for everyone, we would hope that the Goddess would guide your hand and heart on any decisions made and that you would find your home. If you are interested in pursuing training at Ravenwood, please contact one of the Tradition's Coven Leaders groups for more information.

Blessed Be